About Jens Bjerregaard and Aurora Borealis


“The dancing is distinctly beautiful, sensual and therefore also spontaneously appealing and accessible”


Aurora Borealis serves as a platform for the productions and the many collaboration of choreographer, dancer and teacher Jens Bjerregaard. 

The physical human expression is at the core of the work. Convinced that through exchange, art finally becomes instrument of free expression, we have developed a successful and unconventional mobile structure that can initiate and develop dance projects around the world.

Jens has been active as a professional dancer since 1992 and as a choreographer 2 years later. He has been a central figure in the Danish dance scene as a  choreographer, teacher and director. He has established spaces and  opportunities for creation, residencies and youth programs.

As   an award-winning choreographer he has throughout his career been active internationally, touring with group as well as solo works. He has created works for companies around the world as well as teaching workshops and dance classes for companies, universities and professional dancers. 

As a dance-maker he has consistently explored dance as an abstract, transcendent form of expression, persistently followed his own choreographic direction.  His style is spellbinding and displays a distinct ‘Scandinavian feel’, based on  a consciousness of form and visual design.

From 2010 to 2019 he has been working out of Beirut. Alongside teaching, coaching and  creating internationally he has here been perfecting his teaching and coaching work – resulting in eye opening and refined contemporary classes and ballet classes.

During his time in Beirut he co-founded Beirut Contemporary Ballet together with Jana Younes and Wafa Bouty

From 2019 Jens added Paris to his homes and is sharing his time between two cities; teaching in Paris and working with Beirut Contemporary Ballet in Beirut



ACTS, School of Dance, Paris

Teaching Contemporary and Ballet since 2019

CHOREIA, School of Dance, Paris

Teaching Contemporary and Ballet since 2019


Founder and Artistic Co-director since 2017

- Responsibilities include; training, choreography & company development.

DANCING WITH THE STARS – Middle East, Choreographer 2015 & 2016

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – Middle East, Choreographer 2014


Artistic director, Choreographer & dancer since 2015

- Structure for independent and solo project.


Artistic director, Choreographer & dancer 2005-2014

- Regional company with full-time dancers.



Founder and Artistic Director 2007-2010

- Regional center for dance and choreography, Aarhus, Denmark.


Artistic director, Choreographer & dancer 1998-2005


Contemporary Technique and Repertoire teacher 1999-2006 


     Included in KRAKS BLÅ BOG (Danish version of Who is Who), 2010


The Theatre journalist initiative award for Aarhus international Choreography Competition, 2008 

The Albert Gaubiers grant for innovative work with Mancopy and the creation of Archauz, 2008


First Danish Choreographer to be selected by the DanceWebEurope network, 2005


The Danish TEATER ET award for an original contribution to dance in Denmark, 2000


Second price at the choreography competition Jeune Choreographe en Normandie in France, 2000


First prizes at choreography   competitions Jeune Choregraphe en Normandie and EURODANS 1999.


Professional Companies:

Skanes Danseteater (Sweden), Danish Dance Theater, T.H.E. Dance Company (Singapore), Ballet Manila, Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaquey (Cuba), Enigma Dance Collective (China), Guangdong Modern Dance Company (China), Frontier Danceland (Singapore), Caracalla Dance Company (Lebanon), Daloy and Air Dance (Philippines). LDTX, China

Open training professional dancers:

Dansens Hus (Denmark), Proda (Norway), Danscentrum Vast & Syd (Sweden), Henny Jurgens Foundation (Holland), ARCPasadena (USA), The Dance Center (Canada). Studio Harmonic, Paris.

Universities and professional training programs for dancers

California State University, Pomona Arts College, Danish National School of performing Arts, Guangxi Arts institute & Nanchang University (China) Lasalle College (Singapore), CobosMika SEADs (Spain), ACTS, Paris.


Beijing Dance Camp and Festival, Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (China), Zawirowania Festival & Bytom Dance festival  (Poland), Nairobi Solo&Duets Dance Festival, Corp et Gestes (Cameroun), Visa for Dance (Tanzania), Contact Dance Festival (Singapore), Bipod (Lebanon). 


2019, Beirut Contemporary Ballet; “fendi casa anniversary Beirut”, “in the woods” “portraits” (co-produced with Violet Dance Macau), Opening and Closing ceremony WYFegypt

2018, Beirut Contemporary Ballet;   Dance movie “Ghazal”, Duet performance “Skirmish – vers2”, “Counterpoint and other duets” (co-produced with Colorful dance festival, China), “Spectacular Spectator” (Co-production with Enigma Dance Collective, China)

2017; Beirut Contemporary Ballet;   Rand Music video “Vivre”. Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis; “Wanderlust”   (Created in on dancers from Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaquey, Cuba), “Encounters”   (Created on dance students at Guangxi Arts Institute, China) “Bath” (Site   specific performance with Enigma Dance Collective, China).

2016; Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis;   The Dancing Human”, “Whispers” ((Created on dance students at Nanchang University China, China). DANCING WITH THE STARS – MIDDLE EAST; Group dance “Tabki el Touyour” for pro-dancers.

2015; Dance movie “And so do I” (Produced and directed by Jana Younes) Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis; “Skirmish – vers1” and Juxta” (co-produced with MU Terminal, Hungary), “School of Fish”   (Created on dance students at Guangxi Arts Institute, China), “By Friction”   (Created in on dancers from Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaquey, Cuba). DANCING WITH THE STARS – MIDDLE EAST; Group dance “Elastic Heart” for pro-dancers.

2014; “In the light” (for MuTerminal, Hungary), SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE - MIDDLE EAST; 13 duet choreographies and 2 group dances


“Absolutes”, “Every last Breath”, “Megaphonic Combat” (Site-Specific commission for Danish-Arab Urban Arts Festival in Beirut), “Touch” (co-production with Good Dance Center and Beijing Modern Dance Festival), “Adam Without” (Co-production with MuTerminal, Hungary), “NOW” (Created in Denmark & restaged with dancers from China, co-production Guangdong Modern Dance Festival), “Cake & Consequences” (co-production with Visa2Dance festival,   Tanzania), “Falling and Love” (co-production with MuTerminal, Hungary), “Simple Moves”, “INKZ”, “Rite”, “Iconic/Ironic”, “Raum”, “Stringens”,   “Territories” (Danish Dance Theatre), “Parallel” (Danish Dance Theatre), “Vanishing Points” (Danish Dance Theatre), “Feeding the Dragon” (Takween, Beirut), “No Apollon” (Reutlingen, Germany), “Frimærkeballet” (Theatre production for children, Bådteatret,   Copenhagen), “Motion/Notion”, “Shaved, Plucked & Moisturized”, “Mimic”, “Beautiful Breakdown”, “Silent Tales”, “Urban Elves danser Urban Elves”, “Spiri- og andre teknikaliteter”, “Linear Tales”, “Tomrum”, “Voice Works”, “Tweed”, “Verklaerte Nacht”, “Faldt fra himlen”.


1989-1992 Diploma in contemporary dance and choreography at the Laban Centre in London.

1990-2000 Continuous studies/training with independent ballet teacher Roger Tully.