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Aurora Borealis serves as a platform for the productions and the many collaboration of choreographer Jens Bjerregaard.  

The physical human expression is at the core of our work. Convinced that through exchange, art finally becomes instrument of free expression, we have developed a successful and unconventional mobile structure that can initiate and develop dance projects around the world.   

Bjerregaard has over the last 10 years worked with this in mind. His has been presented in China, Macau, Cuba, Japan, Singapore, USA, Hungary, Lebanon, Spain, France, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroun, Germany, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  

Trained in dance and choreography at the Laban Centre (UK) Jens Bjerrregaard has been active as a choreographer since 1994 and

established in 1998, the award-winning experimental dance ensemble Urban Elves. In 2005, Bjerregaard founded Mancopy

and quickly developed an unconventional structure welcoming collaborations with artists from all over the world. In 2007,

he founded Archauz, the first Choreographic Centre in Denmark, where he curated festivals, organized international

choreography competitions and created outreach programs. Bjerregaard also established youth dance companies in two

Danish cities (Odense & Aarhus). In 2015 he created Jens Bjerregaard/Aurora Borealis to have a new and more versatile

platform for his artistic work. In 2018 he has joined forced with arts from Lebanon and Syria to create Beirut Contemporary Ballet

He has been giving successful workshops at festivals and companies the world, choreographing for companies, curating and

creating professional opportunities for young artists, and been jury member on several international competitions. For the

past 8 years he has been working out of Beirut, Lebanon, teaching, coaching, researching and creating projects.

As a dance-maker he has consistently explored dance as an abstract, transcendent form of expression, persistently

followed his own choreographic direction. His style is spellbinding and displays a certain ‘Scandinavian feel’, based on a

consciousness of form and visual design.

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The artists and the team

Jens Bjerregaard

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Diana Cuni Mancini

Former soloist at the Royal Danish Ballet and dancer in The Dancing Human

Wubkje Kuindersma

Independent choreographer/dancer and dancer in The Dancing Human