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This page gives you the opportunity to get glimpses of many of my perfomances from own productions to collaborations and commissions. I'm currently tracking back in 25 years of choreograph to find glimpses of many of my works 

Dance Movie "And so do I", 2016

Directed by Jana Younes

Choreography Jens Bjerregaard

Starring Jens Bjerregaard, Giulia Barbone and Shayene Kamel.

Full movie available here

Dance Movie "Ghazal" 2018

Director Jana G. Younes

choreography Jens Bjerregaard

D.O.P Shadi Chaaban 

and starring Rebecca Dahrouge and Wafa Bouty

Portraits, 2019

A co-production between Violet Dance in Macau and Beirut Contemporary Ballet.

Choreography Jens Bjerregaard together with Jana Younes

Calling Aphrodite, 2019

Created in collaboration with Yidi Lin on students at the 2019 Beijing Dance Camp 

In the woods, 2019

A Beirut Contemporary Ballet site specific commissioned work created in Lebanon,

Danced by Jana Younes, Wafa Bouty, Anthony Nakhle & Dasha Aamer

Fendi Casa, 2019

A Beirut Contemporary Ballet Commissioned site-specific work for the 30 year celebration of Fendi Casa in the Beirut Showroom.

Created together with Jana Younes, danced by Dasha Aamer and Wafa Bouty

Counterpoint and other duets, 2018

Six duets for 4 dancers created as a co-production between Beirut Contemporary Ballet and Colorful dance festival in Changde, China

Spectacular Spectator, 2018

The second site specific co-production between Beirut Contemporary Ballet and Enigma Dance Arts Creative in Kunming, China.


Remake of duet performance and first public performance of Beirut Contemporary Ballet.

Recorded at an outdoor festival in Dubai.

Danced by Jana Younes and Wafa Bouty

Wanderlust, 2017

Performance created on ballet contemporáneo de camagüey in Cuba

Wash away the border

Site specific performance in Kunming, China, for Enigma Dance Collective.

Created in an old factory bath house recently reworked into a gallery and cafe.

Music video "Vivre", 2017

A Beirut Contemporary Ballet creation for Lebanese music group Rand

Encounters, 2017

Dance workshop in Nanning, China

The Dancing Human

Created for Copenhagen Stage festival and danced together with Diana Cuni Mancini and Wubkje Kuindersma

Skirmish, Original version, 2015

Created in Collaboration with MU Terminal in Budapest, Danced together with Csilla Halász

Juxta, 2015

Solo work created  Collaboration with MU Terminal in Budapest.

Adam Without, 2013

Choreographing and dancing in a MUterminal production, Budapest