The Dancing Human

Trailer from the CPHStage festival 2016


About “The Dancing Human”

  When we dance, it mostly happens as part of a social event, as an expression of joy. Some take the dancing further and make it their livelihood and their paramount passion. What these 3 performers will tell on stage is sometimes their own stories and sometimes the stories of 25 other dancers, from all over the world, who have been interviewed about their relationship with dance. In this mock documentary piece, freely based on Jørgen Leth’s movie The Perfect Human (1967), choreographer Jens Bjerregaard invites the audience to take an up-close and personal look at the dancer in front of them. 

“It’s a hard conversation, dance, it’s difficult to have a conversation about it… it’s either special or it’s nothing”
- Dancer & choreographer, 49 years old, Amsterdam 

“Moving my legs in a little rhythmical pattern meant that I could discover who I am in a way that society didn’t even offer - it’s about not being repressed, it’s about human nature in its profound and most simple way”
- Choreography professor, 66 years old, London 

“When people kept denying that the earth was round, they did it out of fear for their own existence. Dance is denied by many religions and societies for the same reason”
- Dancer & choreographer, 39 years old, Beirut  


 Concept, choreography and text:
Jens Bjerregaard (DK)
Wubkje Kuindersma (DK-NL), Diana Cuni Mancini (DK) and Jens Bjerregaard
Voice and text: Stuart Lynch (DK-AU)
Light: Peter Bodholdt Løkke
Music: Franz Listz & The Velvet Underground 

Where and when

Premiere at Dansekapellet during the CPH Stage Festival. Denmark 2016