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Except from a beautiful collaboration in Cuba, April 2017

The Dancing Human

Trailer from the CPHStage festival 2016

And so do I

A short Dance Film by lebanese director Jana G. Younes


A film by Jana G. Younes

Starring: Jens Bjerregaard, Giulia Barbone & Shayene Kamel

Choreography: Jens Bjerregaard

Cinematography: Elie Kamal

Production managers: Christelle Younes - Reine Semaan

Bee on set Productions

Music: Jorane - Scarlett Saad - Camille Feghali

Edit: Noel Pa


Except from performance in Shanghai, 2016


Except from 1st version of the duet created in collaboration with MU Terminal in Budapest in 2015

Wash away the borders

Site specific work in collaboration with Enigma Dance Collective in Kunming China

Show reel TV Shows

choreographies by Jens Bjerregaard for So you think you can dance & Dancing with the Stars

Show reel Stage performances 2010-2015

Choreographies by Jens Bjerregaard

Adam Without

Created by Jens Bjerregaard for MU Terminal in Budapest in 2012