Dance classes and workshops

Class #1 Flow and awareness


  The Contemporary class of Jens Bjerregaard is based freely on Cunningham, yoga and release technique. The technical work emphasizes flow and solid body awareness - always conscious of creating and understanding connections within the body and beyond. The dancers are challenged to explore their possibilities and go further then their perceived limits. The physical body and the memory are explored equally thus creating a practical awareness and functional development of the movement.

Class #2 Ballet re-explored


This is a challenging and fluid ballet class that explores not only the aesthetics of dance but also the functionality of movement and its  origins. The aim is to demystify complicated technicalities and become  aware of the chain of responses the body goes through to make movement happen freely and willingly. This class is aimed at Contemporary and  other dancers who want to become smarter movers and use ballet classes  as a universal training tool for dance.

Class 3# Back to Basics


  Dance professionals as well as non-professionals run into the same obstacles due to dysfunctional strength and unhealthy body alignment. Developing your core strength is like giving yourself a body makeover: it goes beyond the surface muscles and asks a balanced development of the deep internal ones that stabilize, align and stretch the body. Simple exercises, inspired from Animal movement, Sports Science, Pilates and Yoga, will release the tension that the body retains and allow a smooth functioning of all the joints for a healthy, pain-free posture and for increased stability in motion. 

Workshop #1 Visiting Movement


In spite of trends and fashions, Bjerregaard has persistently followed his own choreographic direction; he is extremely aware of form. His language is playful, yet sophisticated, both in his choice of music and artistic vision. His style is spellbinding and displays a certain ‘Scandinavian feel’, based on a consciousness of form and visual design. In this workshop, dancers are invited to visit choreographic material and to explore their own –new- abilities inside it.

Workshop #2 Moving Together


  In this practical and fun workshop on partnering, the dancers/choreographers are invited to explore a range of practical tools for partnering. It is an invitation for them to learn a different way of working with a partner, a way that adapts to all movement styles and backgrounds. 

The emphasis will be on the 
fulfillment and freedom of the movement within a clear partnering language that Bjerregaard has personally developed over the years.

Workshop #3 Making and Breaking


   The aim of this workshop is to give experienced, as well as dance novices, a series of tools to create their own movement material. Using improvisational exploration based on clear and precise movement exercises, we will be exploring and expanding our thinking behind movement – creating an understanding of structure and freedom in dance. By accessing spacial awareness and the functionality of the body we allow movements to be constructed and deconstructed without predetermination.